Argentine Tango in Delhi


Noora, Economist and Tango Teacher from Washington, DC will give a two-hour class on Sunday, 13 February, before the usual milonga at AI restaurant.

Tango is a bit like mindreading, remarked Noora when we spoke over skype to plan her class. Both the Leader and the Follower are constantly trying to figure out what their partner wants and how they, each in their role, can contribute to make the most of those three minutes together.

Noora promises to provide exercises which will have us explore the energy & tension that’s just right for tango to be smooth, enjoyable and fun.

As a Leader you will get a better handle on how to convey your intention to your Follower with clarity without being pushy. As a Follower you will gain a better sense of what is means to wait long enough and when are you rushing, being too ”helpful” and second guessing your Leader.

As the emphasis is on connection and and communication this class will be useful for all levels of tango dancers.

You may like to check out some of the interesting tango activities that Noora has been involved in in Washington DC at the following link:


AI restaurant, MGF mall, Saket, 2nd floor. Tel: 98102 63567 or 98719 81357.


Sunday, 13 February, 2011, 5-7 pm


Rs 500

Sign up & Info

For questions, and to sign up, send an email or call.

Stina: +91-98105 21347

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