regular milonga in Mumbai every Wednesday

Regular Tango Milonga on Wednesdays

every Wednesday 20:00 – 23:00h

Cost: Free!

Cafe Brun
Opp Prakash Petrol, Juhu Circle, Jvpd, 10th Rd Juhu, Mumbai
(tel. 022 – 26700236/ 26700206 Cafe Brun)


The effort will require everyone’s help and support, so if you are willing to offer help (DJing, a short Free class before hand, etc.), please join and post on the Mumbai Tango Milonga group on Facebook.

As there are a lot of interested Tango dancers in Mumbai, this event will try to bring them together, and create a place for visiting dancers and teachers to help out. It is a community run event, so come be part of the community!

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