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Argentine tango workshops in New Delhi

Natalia Hills and Alejandro Aquino India Tour – Pass the Legacy Series – 21 April + 4 May 2016

The Masters are coming. I am extremely thrilled to announce that we have this unique opportunity to host Tango Legends – Natalia Hills and Alejandro Aquino in India between April 21st and May 4th

An exciting series of seminars, workshops, private classes and performances are part of the agenda, and being crafted. They will spend time in both Delhi and Bombay, and few other cities if time permits.

To give a sampling, some of the seminars will include

– Interpreting Pugliese on the social dance floor (Phrasing, Accents,  Dynamics and Pauses)

– Milonga (Changing dynamics, Accents and giros)

– Tango FANTASIA (Development and Progression)

– Vals CRUZADO (Waltz for intermediate level)

– Womens/Mens Technique

In addition, we may include a “Pass the Legacy lecture and exhibition”

Performance/Dancing and HISTORIC FORUM “AQUINO-HILLS”

along with video and photo footage the artists relate their experiences as protagonists during the late 1980s in the revival of the TANGO in Buenos Aires.

Please contact me at the moment via Facebook or Email (




2ToTango presents Vaggelis & Marianna in Delhi


On behalf of 2 To Tango, we are extremely thrilled to present a remarkable couple Vaggelis and Marianna to Delhi!

There is an exciting agenda of workshops, seminars and milongas planned.. so please watch this space in the coming days..

Vaggelis and Marianna were the European Salon Tango Champions in 2013. This year they made it to the finals of the World tango championships in Argentina, the cradle of Tango. They also successfully run their own school in Greece, Athens : Academia de tango.

They have studied both Tango salon and Tango escenario. They are a reference for Tango in Greece and one of the top European couples in the Tango circuit today.

Workshop/seminar/private class details will be shared in the coming days.

Confirmed agenda –
. Invitation only Milonga at the Embassy of the United States of America, Sunday, December 20th
. Milonga at Band Stand on Monday, December 21st, 8:00 PM onwards with dazzling performances by Vaggelis and Marianna.

For further queries please contact Ashwin Ravindranath ( and/or Rakesh Borar (

Vaggelis and Marianna India Tour – Dec 19 2015 to Jan 5 2016

Stay Tuned India!

Vaggelis Hatzopoulos and Marianna Koutandou, 2013 European Salon Tango Champions and finalists in the recently concluded 2015 World Tango Mundial, will be in India between December 19th to January 5th.

An exciting agenda of workshops, private/semi-private classes, seminars, milongas and performances are being planned. Please block these dates, and do take advantage of meeting and learning from these remarkable Maestros.

The schedule and program details will be released in the coming days.

For information on the Delhi schedule please contact

Ashwin Ravindranath – email (

Phone – 011-91-9810920932

For information on the Mumbai schedule please contact

Malaika Joshi – email (

Phone – 011-91-9821166082

Please also follow the Facebook event page for updates.