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Tango in India

International tango dancers/ teachers/ DJ’s are welcome to teach classes or hold milongas/ assist/ dj.

To find other passionate tango lovers in India, you can contact the facebook groups or tango organisers of several cities (see below) or drop a mail to

You can be part of arranging milongas or meeting other dancer while you are visiting India.


where to dance (milongas) and where to learn

Tango Argentino in India

Here you find contact details for:

this site: to TangoIndia

Argentine tango classes/ practicas/ workshops/ milongas

in the following cities:


info & registration for classes/ info for milongas:

tel: 9741204053 (Hubert)


information & questions regarding elemention

tel: +91-9810 043435 (Madhu)

tel: +91-9810 112317 (Sandra)

Ashwin Ravindranath

tel: 91-9810 920932 (Ashwin)

Bombay/ Mumbai:

tel. Cool Chef Café:   (022) 2430 1127

(only for directions, no info about classes!)

tel. Restaurant Balthazar:

+912226603956, +919930999930

(no info about classes, only directions for venue)


info for milongas & registration for classes

tel: +91 – 9786296441

or +91 9843600514 (Aurévan)


Pune :